The purpose and main mission of this site is to offer you a visual and sensorial journey as well as celebrating the Graphic Artists and visionaries behind the art of Music, Movies and Comics Books.

There are many excellent sites devoted to the movie, music posters and/or to the art of comic books but we humbly believe that there's a very strong common denominator behind those artistic disciplines and that they should not be curtained.

Many of the poster artists that you will discover browsing through those pages are true geniuses, innovators and should be recognized as such. Some of them actually created work for those three disciplines (Comics, Movies and Music) as well as designing record sleeve art (some included here).

The names of Comic book art Legends Neal Adams, Jack Davis, Frank Frazetta immediately spring to mind.

Most of the artists you will find on this site have acquired their techniques, crafts and skills thru the passionate studying of the artistic movements of the last 2 centuries, whether it is Austrian's Secession movement, Germany’s Bauhaus, France’s "Art Pompier" or « Art Nouveau », England’s romantic and pre-Raphaelites school, Surrealism .... and enhanced them with their personal interpretations, visual imageries and techniques.

Like great musicians whom you always recognize the sound of their instrument immediately, one can also immediately recognize Robert McGinnis's perfect drawings of sensual and elegant women, Victor Moscoso's bright oranges and purples and intricate letterings, Jack Kirby's sheer power, Belgian designer Ray (aka Raymond Elseviers) color palette, Hans Hillmann’s creative versatility, Bob Peak's stylistic colors and so many more names and styles to discover here and marvel at.

While we do mainly focus on the « Pop » era (between 1959 and 1975) – an era where artistic creativity was at its height - we also wish to recognize the Modern Masters of today who are reverential to their past influences while bringing this art form to new heights thanks to simplistic or ornate vision as well as enhanced printing techniques.

Laurent Durieux, Matt Dye, Tom Whalen, Marko Manev and many others are among those Modern Masters and we are proud to support their work

Our ultimate goal is that rather than talking about a poster because of its title or lead musician or character, you start calling the poster by its designer’s name, instantly granting those artists the recognition they are fully due.

So while we are very pleased that you may find some great images to dress your walls and homes and create a strong emotional bond with every time you look upon them, we are also extremely honored that you find this site to be both entertaining and educating, a source of visual marvels, creating an infinity (and beyond) of Gasps, Wows, Biffs, Bangs and Pows.

Last but certainly not least : ALL Posters and items displayed and sold on this site are Originals. Absolutely no cheap Laser reproductions. I will make every effort to list and notify whether the posters are original/vintage first printings or approved 2nd, 3rd and subsequent prints.




Born and raised in Paris, France and a graduate from L’Institut d’Etude Politiques de Paris, Daniel LEVY, is a New York City resident since 20 years.


Educated in museums all around the world and attending Antique fairs and galleries since my prime childhood, my reverence not only for the Arts but also for the artists and the craftsmen (and women) is a constant beacon which guides me in every one of my ventures.


After 15 years as a respected international Music executive, having worked with among the greatest musical legends of our times and helped spreading their music all around the world, I have realized that my main passion is not just the Art of Music but Art in general and the creative talents of the Artists in particular.


A worldwide known collector of American Comic Books as well as of psychedelic era Music posters (owning a near complete set of the legendary Fillmore West and East posters and many more), I have amassed all my collections through extensive research and knowledge acquisition.

A gallerist but also a collector, I fully understand the psyche and gentle (yet endless) obsessions that unite all collectors and pride myself in only offering the best quality.


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